About Forj Digital


Who We Are

Founded in 2015, Forj Digital builds upon the 14 years of experience we have as content distributors. Having started in the mobile space, we learned how to do things the hard way, solving for extreme fragmentation on smaller devices. We started by distributing ringtones, ringbacks, wallpapers and videos on mobile channels on a global scale. We worked on behalf of our clients to get them top placements, features and more.

Now we're taking that same work ethic to the mainstream. We did the hard work; now it's time to tackle the mainstream. Distributing music to streaming platforms, putting videos places like Hulu and Roku and helping brands interact with their customers in new exciting ways. This is what Forj does.

Our Philosophy

We are a group of artists, working for artists. The team here at Forj Digital work here because they love what they do. They're musicians, producers, videographers and artists. They also love to help other artists succeed.

Our philosophy is that we don't succeed until you do. Forj Digital exists to help the careers of our clients whether you're a musician, a label, graphic artist, brand or something totally different. Our support and work ethic has always set us apart. We are not a pipeline that just programmatically distributes content. Every partner gets an account rep, not a faceless web interface, who is experienced in their medium to help maximize placement and monetization of your content. We put your content where it belongs and then help make sure that your content gets the attention it deserves.


Contact Info

3310 Bardaville Drive Suite 1
Lansing, MI 48906

Phone: (517) 816-7786
Email: support@forjdigital.com