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Whether you’re a musician, a label, or a distributor, we know that digital distribution can be an enormous feat to accomplish. The time lost in promotion and marketing is time lost doing what you truly love – creating, sharing, collaborating and performing.

At Forj Digital, we believe that digital music should be easy to distribute, access, and promote.

That’s where we come in. You don’t have to go it alone. By signing up with Forj Digital, you’ll be able to get back to doing what you love most, while we handle the business of reaching a global audience of die-hard digital music fans.

Take a Test Drive with #LiveFor5

We’ve created a better way to distribute your music, and we’re eager to help you get started. That’s why, for a limited time, we’re offering our exciting #LiveFor5 promotion. We can have your music distributed to our partner platforms for just $5 upfront per release. There are no hidden costs to pay -- you just pay the promotional rate of $5 per release at time of submission, and a $20 recurring annual fee, while pocketing 100% of the revenue from your sales.

With over ten years in the digital music industry, we’ve built relationships with some of the hottest independent artists and labels from around the world. Think of us as your secret promoter. We can help you get your music out there and make it accessible on some of the largest platforms like Apple Music, iTunes and over 50 other streaming and download platforms.

Why should I try #Livefor5?

Sell More Music, Reach More Listeners: More distribution channels mean more people finding, previewing, and purchasing your tunes. We also help you distribute songs as ringtones and monetize music for YouTube.

We Help You Make Some Noise: Buzz-worthy music deserves to get attention. Our channel partnerships give us an upper hand with our artists’ music. Our artists often are included on platform-specific special features and promotions like seasonal playlists, storefront features and more. We don’t just “submit and forget” like a lot of our competitors; at Forj we actively work to promote our artists with our channel partners -- every chance we get.

Truly Reach A Global Audience: We distribute your digital music to a worldwide audience. We currently network with over sixty channel partners, and we will continue to grow that network throughout 2015.

Distribute What You Want, How You Want: We’ll help you distribute digital versions full-length albums, singles, EPs and LPs – up to 20 tracks per release. We can also distribute your music as pre-cut ringtones and ringbacks 10-30 seconds in length.

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