#Livefor5 Promotion

#LiveFor5 FAQs

How does it work?

Costs: You pay just $5 per release with a $20 annual recurring cost, and keep 100% of the net revenue.

Distribution: Get your music on Apple Music, iTunes, MixRadio and up to 60 other platforms, including those we sign up with in the feature. We automatically promote your music to our channel partners for inclusion in upcoming features and promotions.

Other Perks: Our artists get a chance to take advantage of additional services like YouTube Monetization, ringtone editing and Micro-Sync Licensing.

What do you mean by "release"?

When we talk about “releases”, we’re referring to what you would consider a final product. For some artists, this could be a four-song EP or a full 12-track album. For other artists, this could mean a collection of greatest hits or a 40-minute rock ballad. It’s up to you how you choose to bundle your music. A full length release can include up to 20 songs at a time. If you're submitting a ringtone/ringback, that single product is a release.

How long does it take for Forj Digital to deliver my release?

In most cases, Forj is able to deliver your release to our channel partners within 7-10 business days. Once delivered, the channels will push your music live depending on their internal schedules.

How can Forj promote my release for free?

While Forj Digital was founded in 2015, the team here has been doing digital distribution for over 14 years. Over those years, we've formed incredible relationships with our channel partners and are able to submit music to them for consideration for various promos and features. This helps to get you a whole new level of attention on their storefronts. We believe that this is crucial to the success of an artist and see no reason to charge for it.

What happens once I send my music to Forj?

Once your submission is received, you will receive a welcome message from our dedicated Forj rep (yes, we're real people!). They'll be your contact for all of your questions, updates, etc. They'll also begin processing your submission upon arrival too.

How much money can I save with #LiveFor5?

It depends on how many releases you choose to put out.

You can put out multiple releases under this promotion – but remember, it’s only for a limited time. If you’ve been procrastinating on getting your music out to the masses, why not get started today?

Once this promotion ends, the price will revert to $20 per release with a $20 annual fee.

What kind of experience does Forj have with music distribution?

Our staff has over 14 years of experience with digital distribution. We’re serious about helping our artists succeed. In addition to our relationships with our channel partners, we’ve worked with some of the most exciting independent music labels in the business helping them take their distribution digital.

Contact Info

3310 Bardaville Drive Suite 1
Lansing, MI 48906

Phone: (517) 816-7786
Email: support@forjdigital.com