Audio Services

Full Length Music

At Forj, we have a passion for music. This passion, accompanied by years of experience as music professionals, allows us to deliver your music to the top music platforms all over the world like iTunes, Spotify and many more.

With our unique relationships, we are able to work on a personal level with our channel partners to obtain featuring and additional exposure for our artists. Delivering your content is not enough; you need someone fighting on your behalf for placement. That's what Forj has done and will do for you!

Mobile Music

No one knows Mobile Music better than Forj. With the largest collection of cellular and mobile partners, Forj is the obvious choice for getting your music heard on handsets across the world!

Our team of engineers will make your music into excellently crafted ringtones, ringbacks, and other mobile formats, which will be distributed to our extensive group of partners. But it doesn’t end there. Once delivered, Forj will continue to push your music for featuring and promotion. Our work with your music never stops!

Sync Licensing

There's more to do with music than just streaming, download and mobile. Your music can be used for a significant number of licensing opportunities as well. Put your music in front of movie studios, YouTube stars and more!

With Forj Digital, you can get your music used in all sorts of media all around the world and get paid for it! Whether it's on YouTube for a streaming play or in a video as a one-off licensing opportunity, Forj can help bring your music to a whole new level of exposure and monetization.


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